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Dear Partners

Our company use a time slot booking system. Hereby we inform you that as of the system will be exclusive, i.e. the goods will be loaded and unloaded based on the time reservations. From that date on, we will be in the position to load and unload only the trucks which have time slots (with the exception of couriers).

When time slot booking is obligatory?

  • in case of all loadings
  • For all trucks 7,5 tons or over - regardless the quantity of the delivered goods
  • For vehicles under 7,5 tons if quantity of the goods exceeds one pallet

When time slot booking is optional?

  • For vehicles under 7,5 tons if goods quantity does not exceed one pallet

Where drive-in takes place?

  • Trucks 7,5 tons or over - with booked time slot: Automated truck entrance
  • Vehicles under 7,5 tons - with booked time slot: Main gate - green gate (automated)
  • Vehicles under 7,5 tons - without booked time slot (delivering max 1 pal goods): Main gate - guest gate - numerical code (opening hours: 6-16 o'clock)

You can reserve the date as follows:

  • loading: latest till 14 p.m. on the working day prior to the loading day
  • unloading: latest till 14 p.m. on the working day prior to the loading day (if the freight is liable to EKÁER, EKÁER number notification: at 15 p.m. on the day before the loading, in an automatic e-mail);

Please note that the truck has to arrive 1 hour before the time-slot in order to be able to keep the loading schedule!

In case of late arrival, trucks will be loaded or unloaded according to the next available date. If no free slot is available, we can fulfill such procedures when we have the capacity. Demurrage cannot be charged on Chemark in such matters.

If you have not access to our system yet, or you need several registrations, will you please let us know at the e-mail address:, and also let us inform about the e-mail address to be registered.

Warehouse opening hours: weekdays 6-20 o’clock

Phone: +36 20 459 6996